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Posted 7.03.2011

Advisory & Consulting Service

Service description

The service provides investment firms with a combination of regular and on-demand advice and briefings. Focused on FSA and European regulation, the purpose of the service is to assist firms to keep up to date with their ever-expanding and constantly-changing regulatory obligations and to determine the best means of fulfilling them. The service is usually provided to Compliance, to Board and other senior management and to non-executive directors, all of whom have regulatory responsibility and liability.

The focal point of the service is the quarterly briefing, provided by OWL at the firm’s offices. The informal format provides the opportunity not just for an update on external change and new regulatory requirements, but also for discussion of the likely impact on the firm. Briefings vary in duration but generally last for about an hour. In addition to the briefings, the service includes access to OWL’s extensive regulatory expertise at any time. The subscription does not include the cost of providing training or conducting research.

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