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The changing regulatory landscape is placing an increased emphasis on product suitability. Do you sufficiently understand the technical aspects of the products you recommend? Are you adequately equipped to evaluate ongoing suitability?

Increasingly the responsibility lies with the Financial Adviser or wealth manager to determine if a product is suitable or relevant for a specific portfolio, depending on the risk profile of the client it is built for.

Today it is imperative that you understand the technical aspects of the products you consider, in order to make a judgment call as to their suitability. You must also document this decision making process.

In recent times alternative investments have become an integral part of the wealth management tool box. Amongst them, Structured Products are an important asset class.

  • Are you comfortable that you know enough to:
  • Understand the characteristics of each individual product?
  • Identify the risks involved?
  • Judge the suitability?
  • Have an educated discussion with product providers?

If you don’t feel confident you can answer ‘yes’ to each of these questions, consider attending one of our training workshops. You will learn:

  • The main product types available and how they are structured, enabling you to proactively look for those that provide the best ‘fit’ for your investment policy.
  • How products are priced and therefore how you can improve the risk/return profile and better meet your objectives.
  • The key factors and risks that can affect pricing.
  • Issues you might face in the secondary market and how to address them.

Sign-up today for one of our workshops and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to equip you with the knowledge to confidently handle and recommend these products.

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Understand, compare and contrast structured products

Understand, compare & contrast structured products.

Visit our Structured Products Library for access to plain English reports on the structures available in the market.

Researching a specific fund or hedge fund?

Researching a specific fund or hedge fund?

Our Fund Library provides a quantitative assessment of individual funds, hedge funds and indices.