Apollo liquidity Feb 2012

Posted 24.05.2012


Apollo liquidity Jan 2012

Posted 30.04.2012


Apollo liquidity 2011 analysis

Posted 10.02.2012

through a very difficult year for active managers, αpolloTM liquidity, our hedge fund model portfolio exhibited slightly disappointing performances, experiencing its first negative year ever… Apollo Liquidity 2011

Apollo Liquidity December Update

Posted 19.01.2012

Apollo Factsheet

Happy New Year

Posted 15.01.2012

New Year 2012

Extracts on the need to establish proper Risk Management Governance and keeping it up to date

Posted 22.12.2011

We continue the publication of extracts of the ESMA AIFMD level 2 document released late November.

We are happy to discuss further the implications of that document. feel free to contact us!

AIFMD level 2 on the need to establish proper Risk Management Governance and keeping it up to date

Apollo Liquidity October update

Posted 19.12.2011

Apollo Liquidity weather the storm even if YtD performances are slightly negative.

Apollo Factsheet-October

AIFMD Level 2 – permanent risk management function

Posted 2.12.2011

ESMA has released their comments on the AIFMD and we continue to release extracts that we find important and relevant to our area of focus: risk.

as you will see, the AIFMD gives an important place to an independent permanent risk management function, with direct reporting line to the governing/supervisory body of the AIF; the attach documents goes into high level principles on the roles and responsibilities of this function.

Needless to say we would be delighted to assist you in putting in place a suitable organisation!

AIFMD level 2 – extracts on the necessity and importance of a permanent risk mangement function

AIFMD – level 2- some high level principles

Posted 22.11.2011

As some of you might probably be aware Level 2 for AIFMD has been released. We intend to publish extract we believe are the more relevant to our business and to the themes we have been promoting since we were created: risk governance, risk reporting to investors, congruence between prospects, marketing documents ad transparency/risk reports… and the value of a robust risk monitoring process. So bear with us, in the coming weeks we will cut and comment and hopefully make it easier for you to digest the bigger part of those 500 pages… AIFMD level 2 – some high level principals

Suitability at the heart of the wealth management reform

Posted 9.11.2011

Coutts is fined on comments from the FSA on suitability reminds of the necessity to research on documents investments, not only at inception but throughout its life